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Thinking Outside of the Box

We just finished the piano bookcase! This was a very challenging piece, and to be completely honest, more than I anticipated. We're very happy with how it came out. Made of baby grand piano, walnut, and zebrawood. It will be delivered today to its home in Charleston, WVa.

The client chose the great green paint color for the interior side walls of the piano. Bringing this piano back to life was an exciting project to tackle. We always enjoy creating something new for clients, but there's something that is satisfying in a different way when you repurpose a piece. Giving new life to a piece with sentimental value means that much us and to the client.

Here are a few in-progress pictures of the EA team's work "outside of the box."

Give us a call if you have a piece you'd like to bring back to life in your home, or maybe you have a family heirloom piece that you want to keep but don't have a use for it at is currently stands. Either way, we love a challenge and would love to help you!


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